Dear Reader: Mama Milestone
by Thygerson Vaun
Contributing writer and mother of three
Feb 01, 2024
On the 22 nd of this month, I will reach a Mama Milestone where all my children will have entered the world of adulthood. My baby, whose fluorescent, white-blonde hair was the talk of the delivery room when he was born, will be turning 18 years old. And, in seven short months, he will be leaving the nest. He’s committed to play collegiate lacrosse at the University of St. Mary in Kansas. This Mama heart is tender and can’t believe the time has come where all my children are grown(ish). It sounds so cliché to admit it, but it really does seem like just yesterday they were toddlers, or at the very least tweens.

Years ago, I remember when my youngest was having a particularly spectacular tantrum at Target and an older mom told me I would miss these days. At that time, I couldn’t fathom it, but you do end up missing the chaos. Anyone who knew my kids when they were little can attest to the fact that my boys especially were active and constantly challenging the status quo – running, jumping, eating, spilling, laughing, climbing, and destroying everything. No matter what mischief they got into, I might not have liked in the moment, but looking back, I am so thankful for all their rambunctiousness. I’ve loved all moments of being their mom, except maybe the middle of the night feedings during their newborn phases. Those sleepless nights were a lot!

That’s why when I read Julie Willis’s Humor at Home article, “In Awe of Nature: Eat. Sleep. Lose Weight,” I was excited to learn that when pregnant Mama bears hibernate they wake up only long enough to give birth and then go back to sleep letting their cubs figure out how to nurse on their own. She also writes about how fascinating bears are when they are fueling up to hibernating – eating 180,000 calories each day. These fat, happy bears are on to something. Turn to page 24, to read all about these amazing animals.

This month with all the red hearts, valentines, chocolate, and flowers, it’s fun to express so much love and adoration to those in your lives. KCFM wanted to know what love songs people will be listening to this month. On page 10, KCFM asked our readers, “What is a love song that you will never forget?” It’s fun to look through the ist ranging from oldies to country to classics. I thought about what I would have picked, and being the 80s gal that I am, I would have to choose Bonnie Tyler’s “Total Eclipse of the Heart.” That one is absolute perfection and so fun to sing along!

Another way to make someone feel loved this month is by giving them a sincere compliment. Learning this subtle form of communication can be tricky for children. In the article, “11 Ways to Teach Your Kids to Give a Compliment,” on page 22, Callie Collins writes about how important it is to be confident, smile, and look people in the eye when expressing these flattering remarks. She also says to make sure the compliments are authentic and really given from the heart.

My sentimental nature makes me happy to celebrate love and express gratitude for my family and friends this month, especially as I now see my babies all turning into these amazing adults. Life was hectic when they were little, and it’s still just as fun, but different in so many ways. I am thankful for all the stages, but I secretly do miss the crazy Target runs every now and then. In a full-circle moment, I see these young moms wrangling their energetic toddlers, and I

think to myself, “You don’t realize it now, but you’re gonna miss this!”

Happy Valentine’s Day!!!!

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