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Celebrate Passover with Homemade Traditional Charoset
Passover is steeped in tradition. Many of these traditions involve symbolic foods which tell the story of the Israelites and their miraculous exodus from Egyptian slavery. One such food is charoset ...more
What Type of Camp Will Your Child Like?
When I was younger, I only had one choice for summer camp—the town camp. The town camp was a traditional all-day 6 hour camp with a heavy emphasis on sports. I was more of a bookworm than an ath ...more
11 Ways to Encourage Entrepreneurship in Children
Parenting conversations around developing lifelong skills include topics like the value of money, ways to teach work ethic and how to develop grit and gratitude. Developing entrepreneurial skills happ ...more
Books About Money For Kids
As parents, we make sure to teach our children how to read, write, share and be kind to others, so that they will grow up to become independent, successful people. But one secret to success that&rsquo ...more
Just Jar It! - Four Simple Ways to Teach Kids to Save
Most young children enjoy counting and sorting coins, but somewhere along the way unless they are coached, they’re probably more likely to lose their pennies in the couch, rather than save them. ...more
KHSD Esports League Tournament
KHSD’s Esports League recently hosted an Overwatch 2 Esports Tournament at Bakersfield High School with around 300 students from 21 different schools competing. Esports offers students a chance ...more
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