How Well Do You Know Our Founding Fathers?
by Andrea Rose
Feb 01, 2024
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We have celebrated our nation’s First President, George Washington, with a day of honor each February since 1879. Today, the third Monday of the month is set aside to honor Washington, Abraham Lincoln and others. Here are a few of our favorite books that recognize our great leaders:

This Little President: A Presidential Primer

By Joan Holub and Daniel Roode

$7.99; Ages 0-3

Publisher: Little Simon

Ten of our nation’s most memorable presidents are featured in this adorable board book. You can read your little one facts about history in rhyme.

The Story of Presidents

By the editors of Silver Dolphin Books

$8.83; Ages 0-5

Publisher: Silver Dolphin Books

Even the littlest learners can enjoy a history lesson with this informative book that features 14 American presidents—from George Washington to Joe Biden. Children will learn about the positive impacts of our nation’s leaders and what it means to be Commander in Chief. This board book makes a great addition to a little one’s first library.

My Little Golden Book About George Washington

By Lori Haskins Houran and Viviana Garofoli

$5.99; Ages 3-6

Publisher: Golden Books

With its bright artwork and simple words, this is a the perfect book to introduce preschoolers to our first president.

My Little Golden Book About Abraham Lincoln

By Bonnie Bader and Viviana Garofoli

$5.99; Ages 3-6

Publisher: Golden Books

Introduce your preschooler to the tallest American president with this story. Little ones will learn about how Lincoln had a love of reading—and which holiday Lincoln scheduled.

I Am George Washington

By Brad Meltzer and Christopher Eliopoulos

$13.20; Ages 5-7

Publisher: Rocky Pond Books

The first president of the United States has a fascinating story to tell, from his childhood to the founding of a new nation. Kids will find a timeline of key events and photos and illustrations to draw them into history. Part of the 32-book series Ordinary People Change the World, which also includes “I Am Abraham Lincoln.”

The Story of Abraham Lincoln: A Biography Book for New Readers

By Carla Jablonski

$6.23; Ages 6-9

Publisher: Rockridge Press

The 16th president of the United States was a hard-working kid who believed in freedom and equality. He went on to end slavery. The book includes a visual timeline that shows how Lincoln grew into a world leader.

A Kid’s Guide to U.S. Presidents: Fascinating Facts About Each President

By Dylanna Press

$13.99; Ages 8-14

Publisher: Dylanna Publishing Inc.

Through full-color illustrations, this book shows the impact each president has had on the country. Each section includes biographical information including party affiliation, first ladies and little-known facts.

Kid Presidents: Tales of Childhood From America’s Presidents

By David Stabler

$13.95; Ages 9-12

Publisher: Quirk Books

This book shows that presidents aren’t superheroes—they had regular problems growing up just like other kids. Kid Presidents tells their stories with cartoon illustrations and fun trivia.

Presidents of the United States of America: A History of America’s Leaders

By Franklin Taylor

$14.99; Ages 12-adult

Publisher: Independently Published

This easy-to-read book is chock full of information about American presidents from 1789 to present day. From nicknames to scandals, you’ll find fascinating history you probably didn’t know before.

Smithsonian: The Presidents Visual Encyclopedia


$10.62; Ages 10 to adult

Publisher: DK Children

Filled with more than 150 pages of visual timelines, this book offers famous speeches, major events and notable first ladies. It’s a great introduction to presidential history.

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