Readers Respond: What local event or happening is your family looking forward to this season?
by Callie Collins
Apr 25, 2023
So much family life happens in May and beyond, between graduations, weddings, summer holidays and more time together. We asked our readers to share what they are looking forward to this season. A selection of their answers is below.

Q. What local event or upcoming happening is your family looking forward to this season?

WEB_Julie Garcia.jpg
Not really local but within a two hour drive. Ventura has the strawberry festival in May. It hasn't happened for the last two years because of COVID but it's back on again. I'm excited for it because it's fun for everyone. - Julie Garcia

Looking forward to track meet season. Love getting to watch my kids participate in the weekend meets. I have two kids in track this year. - Ann Ramey

The Village Flea Market! I’m excited to shop locally! - Evelyn Chavarin

Eating ice cream while walking at the Park at Riverwalk. - Tammy Reynolds

Bakersfield speedway, but they keep having to cancel because of all the rain. I hope one of these Saturdays, we can actually go watch and support some of the racers. Even the Strawberry Festival at the coast has been canceled because of COVID. We used to go every year with our two boys that we have adopted, who love that place. So it's hard to choose right now but it doesn't matter where we all go, as long as we go together as a family.  - Jessica Schulyler

WEB_Samantha and Matt Olivarez.jpg
I can't wait to enjoy the food and games available at the Arvin Wildflower Festival with my family and friends. - Marina Medrano

High school graduation. - Miriam Marquez

Wildflower season. - Samantha Olivarez

I am looking forward to all the upcoming car shows. Love to see amazing classics with the family. - Yvette Salazar

I’m looking forward to Story and Craft Time at my local library! - Sonia Patino

We enjoy visiting the Haggin Oaks Farmers Market at the Marketplace every Sunday. Great food! Great vendors! It's always nice to get outside and check things out. - Melissa Martin

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