Readers Respond: What is a question you like to ask around the family dinner table?
by Callie Collins
Feb 26, 2023
Ariana RocheWEB.jpg
We asked our readers what question(s) they like to ask their family to get conversation going around the dinner table. Here are their answers:

What is something you did that was kind for someone else today? - Ariana Roche

How was your day? What made it that way? - Adriana Dotson

Anthony Meeks_Web.jpg
What was something that made you smile today?- Janae Hansen

What was your best and worst thing that happened today? - Anthony Meeks

Who's got dinner dishes tonight? - April Pizano

What do you think you accomplished today and why? - Cindy Cortez

What should be our next vacation? - Daisy Fernandez

What are some issues you've been experiencing lately? This question facilitates bonding as well as identifying any mental health struggles they might have that are unrecognized. - Emily Cross

Chrystal Sheppard.jpg
What are you grateful for today? - Chrystal Sheppard

What did you do today to be productive? - GeeGee Garcia

If you had one wish, what would it be? What was something that made you smile today? - Janae Hansen

I like to ask hypotheticals to see what people say. (ex. “You’re stuck on an island and can only have one food with you, which is it?”, etc.) - Johnnie Lisuk

Did you do something positive today? - Jorge Vielmas

What would you like to do after we eat? - Jayson Wood

What is the funniest thing you saw today? - Crystal Carney

Choose an emotion: what is one moment when you felt frustrated today? Excited? Surprised? - Kristen Cabalka

Who needs prayer?  Can I pray for you? - Andrea Ybarra

If you could interview any celebrity living or dead who would it be? - Michelle Salcido

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