11 Ways to Make the Most of Your Spring Break
by Callie Collins
Feb 26, 2023
Eighteen years, a dozen summer breaks and spring breaks. Childhood’s summary reminds us to make the most of family time. Spring break comes at the perfect time to find respite from the school year’s usual schedule.

Plan your spring break today with these 11 ideas:

Book a short trip out of town: Consider a hotel stay or short-term rental getaway. Change up your routine by getting out of town. Explore a different area of the state or crossing state lines to explore relatively nearby attractions.

Consider a daytrip: If a short trip out of town is impossible for your family this time of year, make a day of it with your children in a neighboring city. Driving a short distance to see what you would have been meaning to get out to enjoy together adds to the experience, as some of those car conversations provide an ideal opportunity to connect.

Create a staycation: Travel might be out of the question but that doesn’t mean family fun is off limits. Plan to spend time at the venues you would visit with out of town guests. Choose at least one day at home after to decompress before restarting your routine.

Discover art: Whether you choose to go out of town or stay home, add art into your free time. You won’t regret the creative sights you saw together.

Catch up on rest: Choose a day to sleep late, have brunch and intentionally relax.

Add in physical play: Local parks, hiking trails and water play can help give children a needed outlet in the absence of the physical education and sports opportunities school typically offers. Playground experiences add to social learning.

Read together: Visit your local library branch with young children. Choose a novel to take turns reading aloud. Whether it’s new fiction or something from your childhood, sharing a book can give parents and children common ground.

Share family stories: Take the time to go through photo albums and tell the stories unique to your family.

Cook, eat and enjoy: Teach life skills by bringing children into the kitchen. Let children select a recipe, prepare it together and share around the table.

Garden outdoors: Start an herb garden or other small kit to enjoy watching grow throughout spring and into summer.

Get ready to end the school year: Get organized to wrap up the school year’s second semester. No doubt, it’ll go quickly.

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