Readers Respond: What will your New Year's resolution be for 2023?
by Callie Collins
Dec 27, 2022
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The new year is here! We asked our readers about their plans this year. A selection of their answers is featured below.

Q. What will your New Year's resolution be for 2023?

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- New Year’s resolution to visit family once a week. - Victoria Avalos

- I will license my small business! - Emi Tsukamoto

WEB IMAGE_Emi Tsukamoto.jpg
- More random acts of kindness. - Jon Blystone

- Visiting a new destination. - Monica Licon

WEB IMAGE_Jon Blystone.jpg
- Watch my kindergartener begin to read independently. - Breanna Westenbroek

WEB IMAGE_Johnnie Watts.jpg
- To take more time to enjoy the little things! - Brenna Smith

- To be more organized. - Cari Cowling

WEB IMAGE_Victoria Avalos.jpg
- To make my mornings early and productive. - Corrie White

- Get off my phone and spend more time with my children. - David Haworth

- I will make a point to reach out to family members I don’t see on a regular basis, to check in and just say hi. - Johnnie Lisuk

- To be more social with friends and family.  Work less and play more. - William Linley

WEB IMAGE_William Linley.jpg
- My resolution for the new year will be to do volunteering with my kids at some local organizations. - Luz Garcia

-To have joy every day regardless of the circumstances in life. - Andrea Jackson

- Every year I say I will do this..! This year I already started making small changes so I can make bigger changes next year. No resolutions, just smaller changes that will help me be a better version of myself. - Janet Maness

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