Dear Reader: Happy New Year!
by Thygerson Vaun
Contributing writer and mother of three
Dec 27, 2022
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My favorite micro moments include that first bite of ice cream that just melts in your mouth, hitting every green light when driving down Rosedale Highway, finding Rock Star parking at Target when the lot is full, and finding anything miniature-sized like a mini bottle of Nutella at World Market. During this New Year in 2023, my resolution is to focus on all things small. In fact, smaller than small - micro. I want to spend less time searching for the big, grand gestures and revel in the micro moments that happen every second of the day. Hopefully, this shift in gratitude will make my New Year even better and spark more joy.

With New Year’s resolutions on everyone’s mind, KCFM wanted to know what our readers were planning to manifest this year. In the article, “January Readers Respond:  What will your New Year’s resolution be for 2023?” on page 10 you can see their answers. They range from spending more time with family to being more productive and organized. One reader had a mantra similar to mine where she wants to find joy every day. I love her plan!

Getting the house back in shape and more organized after the Holidays is no small feat. In Callie Collins’ article, “11 Ways to Get Organized After the Holidays and into the New Year,” she writes about how January can be overwhelming when it’s time to clean up the messy holiday festive-ness. Some of her suggestions:  ask for help, manage your time, and plan your tasks. To read all 11 tips, turn to page 14.

January’s first Happy Mama featured in Callie Collins’ monthly article is the Kern County Leukemia and Lymphoma Society’s Woman of the Year. In her article, “Hello, Happy (Resilient) Mama – Katie Kreiser,” she writes about this mother of three and her amazing accomplishment of raising more than $100,000 for blood cancer research. She did this in honor of her late husband Chris Kreiser, who passed from follicular lymphoma in 2018. To read her inspiring story, turn to page 12.

In this month’s Humor at Home article, “Baby Propaganda: How the Doctor’s Office Makes You Want Another Child,” Julie Willis writes about how the ob/gyn office’s set up makes it hard to not want another baby or at least feel nostalgic about your pregnancy days. To read all about her baby-fever-inducing visits to her doctor, check out page 22.

As we hang up our new calendars for the New Year and you look at the 12 blank months ahead of us, have anticipation and excitement for all the days coming our way where we get to find JOY. With this New Year, whether you are enjoying the BIG moments or the LITTLE things, remember that you have a clean slate and can make 2023 a year for the books!

Happy New Year!!!

May 2023 be your best year yet!

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