Putting the Tech in Technical Education
Careers in Technology Start Here
by by Lisa Krch, M.A.Ed./A.E.T
Jul 29, 2022
Nearly the entire second floor of the impressive Career Technical Education Center (CTEC) is dedicated to providing students with the latest equipment and opportunities to explore a wide variety of careers in the technology sector. From the robotics labs to the state-of-the-art video production studio, the space is full of creativity, excitement, and endless student possibilities.

CTEC offers a wide variety of technology and career centered programs for Kern County juniors and seniors, including 3-D Animation, Computer Technologies, Digital Marketing & Media Design, Robotics Engineering, Mobile App Development, Video Game Design, and Video Production and Advanced Cinema.

3-D Animation is a unique program focusing on a wide range of careers in the animation field, including character designers and modelers. Haley Corral is a 3-D Animation student who enjoys the storytelling aspect of the program. “What made me interested is that I didn’t have to be an artist to join. I can just make shapes and figures and make a story out of it.”

Computer Technologies exposes students to computer repair and troubleshooting, and the function of everything from small networks to the internet. Students say it’s not just about learning skills for the future, but the proper application of those skills, in a fun, enjoyable atmosphere makes their time in this program special.

Robotics Engineering includes coursework in electronics technology, which is a dual enrolled class, offering students credit through Bakersfield College (BC) and directly ties into the Industrial Automation Bachelor's Degree now offered by BC. Instructor Stephen Mears says while he loves technology and the solutions it creates, his favorite part of the job is working with the students. “When the lights go on with the kids, when they get it… whether they are programming a universal robot which is a collaborative robot system, or an industrial robot, solving the problems with technology is really impressive and seeing a 15 year old or 18 year old able to do that and walk away confident, is exciting.”

Some young people come to CTEC with an idea, and see it flourish over the course of a year. Digital Marketing & Media Design student Rod Heinen put his creativity and business sense to the test, while developing his dream.”I’ve always wanted to do clothing, and seeing advertisements through different companies and business logos inspired me to wonder how they were made in the first place.” This program helps students understand target audiences, and how to reach and persuade them, through graphic design, branding, and social media management.

Project based learning is the centerpiece of many CTEC programs, especially the Digital Marketing & Media Design and Video Production/Advanced Film & Cinema classes. These programs work with outside businesses and organizations creating content, while providing students with real-world project experiences.

During the 2021-2022 academic year, Video Production students created videos for every program offered by ROC/CTEC, which were aired on KETN’s “Do the Math” show and are currently featured on the CTEC/ROC website. The students did all the groundwork for these stories, scheduled interviews, shot b-roll, and produced and edited each piece, adhering to strict deadlines and professional expectations.

The PM Video Production class also worked with the Kern County World War II Veterans Memorial, creating content for their social media sites.

Video Game Design is another popular class at CTEC which incorporates game development, documentation, communication, and the suite of tools used by industry. “My favorite thing has to be the fun environment and getting to work with this tool I’ve never worked with before and creating stuff that I’ve always been able to see on my consoles and computers.” said Skyler Dearmore, Video Game Design student.

CTEC technology programs also collaborate throughout the year through networking events, guest speakers, project showcases, film festivals, viewing parties, and preparation for Mock Interview Day. These events allow students the opportunity to get to know other young professionals, share their work, provide feedback on projects, sharpen communication skills, and learn about the vast careers available, through intensive career exploration.

All of these programs are taught by instructors with years of experience in their respective fields. For more information on the Daytime and Evening Programs at ROC/CTEC, and to hear from instructors and students, visit roc.kernhigh.org.

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