Readers Respond:
Summer Childcare: What are your plans?
by Callie Collins
Apr 28, 2022
Child care is essential for families. Many wonder how others are balancing the need for quality supervision with enrichment opportunities and work requirements. We asked our readers about their summer child care plans to get a better understanding of family solutions in Kern County.

Q. Summer Childcare: What are your plans?

- My husband and I are waiting till the youngest starts school before my husband gets a job, for now he's the stay-at-home parent. - Amanda Roberts

- I work for a school. I will be home with them. - Brittany Billington

- When my children were school aged they attended camps with a local gym. They had a great time and did not sit around bored. - Cassie Coker

- We are lucky enough to have my mom living close by. - Crystal Carney

- I would recommend vacation bible school during the summer. - Darcie Alquist

- Summer school gives me the opportunity to work the same hours as my children and not have to worry to pay a babysitter. - Doris Reyes

- I’ll have to juggle trying to work from home, since daycare or summer camps are so expensive. Big brother will most likely help. - Ebony Minjare

- My siblings will be spending their first month of summer at school in the engineering program. - Edith Duran

- My son is going to be 2 and he will continue with his daycare during summer. - Elizabeth Bailon

- Cal Ivy Prep is top on my list. I've heard many positive stories. - Enriqueta Hurtado

- I am lucky to have family that will watch my children while I work. - Evelyn Chavarin

- My kiddos will be taking advantage of summer courses offered at the local high school. - Frankie Jenkins

- Summer school...because covid took a toll on their education. - Janet Maness

- I think a huge topic affecting child care is the cost being so high that a lot of working people cannot afford it. I am lucky enough that I don't have to pay for child care because I work for the school district and I am off during the summer months. - Shawna Shelton

-I’m still looking for affordable or free stuff for my kids to do over the summer. For a single parent, child care can be very expensive. - Kristen Briggs

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