Stuff We Love: February
by Elena Epstein
Feb 01, 2022
PJ Library Presents Podcasts: Afternoons with Mimi and Beyond the Bookcase

Two new podcasts from the beloved organization that has been sharing free children’s book  with Jewish values throughout the world. Well-known tales come to life in a fun new way that connects kids to Jewish traditions, culture, holidays and values. “Afternoons with Mimi” is designed for younger kids and “Beyond the Bookcase” is for kids ages 6 to 12.



Designed to help children better understand and regulate their emotions, including anger/aggression, irritability, frustration, anxiety or a diagnosis like ADHD, ODD and Autism Spectrum Disorder. Developed by clinicians at Boston Children’s Hospital and Harvard Medical School to help children practice coping skills by playing biofeedback games. Starting at $40/one month membership, tablet and heart rate monitor included; ages 6 to 12 who struggle with their emotions,

Little Hero’s Journal

Guides children through a 13-week journey of self-discovery. From daily challenges that promote developing new skills to the weekly habit tracker that helps them create routines, children develop a growth mindset and the self-esteem. $25, ages 7+,

206 Bones of the Human Body- 4 Book Set

From your head to your toes, this 206 Bones of the Human Body- 4 Book set has a lot to discover about the human body, especially for children. Includes Hands, Arm & Shoulder; Foot, Leg & Pelvis; Rib Cage & Spine; Head, Face & Neck.

$79 for set or $19.99 per book, ages 8+,

Star Forest

An album filled with imagination, adventure and play. Musicians Hawk, Fawn, Sluuth and Rocktapus VII (and a whole bunch of star slugs) take you on a musical journey where anything is possible if you dream big. A mix of rich bodied melodies, dreamy ballads, toe tappers and pirate rapper.

$11.99, ages 5-8,

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