Dear Reader: Happy SeptemBER!
by Thygerson Vaun
Contributing writer and mother of three
Aug 29, 2022
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Jim Gaffigan has to be one of my all-time favorite comedians, and luckily, I had the chance to see him perform last month at Vina Robles Ampitheatre in Paso Robles for his “We All Deserve This: The Fun Tour.”  He always has some silly, parenting anecdote that usually resonates with me. His comedy set that night was no different. He talked about how he went on a hot air balloon ride with his daughters, even though he really wasn’t sure he wanted to do it. He said he almost backed out at every turn, but he did it because it was something they really wanted to do.  You can tell how much he loves his kids because he even had his 16-year-old son, Jack, be one of his warm-up comedians. It was fun to see him “roast” his dad.

I’m sure you can all relate to this scenario. As parents, how many times we do something we’re really not psyched about doing just because we know how much joy it will bring to our children? When my kids were younger, I usually ended up on rides that I knew would give me a headache just so they could go on them because they needed an adult rider. I’ve gone to countless concerts with them so they could have a chaperone, even though it wasn’t my musical genre. And, the crazy thing is that I am happy to do it. I don’t want them to miss out! I guess that’s what happens when you’re a parent – you want your children to enjoy all the experiences they can.

Another phenomenon that happens to parents is becoming part of the punchline to your children’s jokes as Julie Willis can attest to in her monthly column.  In her Humor at Home article, “An Icy Road at Dawn:  Even Big Kids Say the Darndest Things,” she writes about how her daughter Samantha took a cue from her father’s “Dad” jokes and poked fun at her mom all afternoon. Turn to page 22, to read about all the hilarious jabs she took in sport from her daughter.

To read about a local woman who shares her talents with the entire community, check out the article, “Hello, Happy (Multi-Talented) Mama: Tara Haner,” written by Callie Collins, on page 12. Haner wears many hats: attorney, choir director, teacher, entrepreneur, wife and mother. She also founded Theatrix KIDS, a specialty program designed to teach music theory, vocal performance, dance, and acting via group and private lessons. And, you might have seen her recent performances in community theatre at Ovation Repertory Theatre or Stars Theatre Restaurant.

For a fun night to appreciate the arts and help benefit the Boys & Girls Clubs of Kern County, mark your calendars for their Farm to Tableaux event on Friday, October 7 featuring the artist, Frida Kahlo. To read all about their mission and this exciting fundraising event, turn to the article, “Farm-to-Tableaux Event Celebrates Kahlos' ‘The Two Fridas’,” on page 14.

Special thanks to Mike Cushine and his daughter Mackenzie Cushine for helping us with the article about the 21st season of Kern County’s “Do the Math” program. The article, “’Do the Math’ Helps Students Find Answers AND Understand Mathematical Concepts,” on page 18, features this unique show that airs live at 4:30 pm to 5:30 p.m. every Tuesday and Wednesday starting Tuesday, September 13. This program not only helps students find answers to their questions, but makes sure they understand the process so they can learn harder concepts.

As September becomes the first official “ber” month and we’re still getting into the swing of our school routine, Callie Collins writes in her article, “11 ways to Streamline your Back-to-School Routine,” on page 16 how to be more efficient at getting out the door in the morning. Also, in “Readers Respond,” KCFM asked its readers to share what after-school activities their kids will be participating in this Fall. To read all about these fun, extracurricular plans, turn to page 10.

During September, as you head into the Fall portion of the calendar, I’m ready for all things Fall. During this time of year, there are so many chances for you to make some memories for your kids. You can even take them to a place that they’ll love even if you don’t want to go there. And, trust me, it will turn out to be a magical adventure because you will love it because they love it. Their smile will say it all. 

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