Dear Reader: Have a Great First Day of School!
by Thygerson Vaun
Contributing writer and mother of three
Jul 29, 2022
Back-to-School has a whole new meaning for me this year. Or, I should say “Leave-for-school,” is my new August mantra as this month I will help my 18-year-old son move into his college dorm at Dominican University of California (DUC) in San Rafael. (Insert ugly cry here).  He is going to play lacrosse and study as a direct-admit nursing student, so he’s really going to have a lot of amazing experiences ahead of him. I know people say this a lot, but it has become a cliché because it is 100 percent true. It seems like just yesterday he was running away from me as he headed to Kindergarten so he wasn’t seen with his parents walking him to class. He has always been “Mr. Independent” since day one.  I have no doubt that he will succeed in college and I know he is ready to spread his proverbial wings.

However, I’m experiencing the strangest gamut of emotions because I am so happy for him and his future, and at the exact same time I am so sad that he’s leaving our house. One thing I know for certain: I am super thankful that he is only a four-hour drive away. I see a lot of trips to his college lacrosse games in my future and I’m thrilled to be able to drive to most of them.

Since my youngest child is going to be a junior at Liberty High School, I’m still planning on some back-to-school traditions this month. To help with this crazy time of year, KCFM asked its readers for some advice in the article, “Readers Respond:  Best Back-to-School Season Advice,” on page 10. The majority of tips deal with planning both for getting school supplies and clothes, but also in normalizing a bedtime routine for school hours.

Another routine that can become quite hectic when schedules get busier is that of weeknight dinners. In the article, “11 Ways to Make Weeknight Dinners Easier,” on page 21, Callie Collins gives great ideas on how to streamline this honored tradition. Making time for meals benefits everyone in the family, so some of her best advice includes planning, simplifying, and enlisting help.

In this month’s Humor at Home article, “Back to School Making Memories,” on page 22, Julie Willis writes about the crazy antics that happen each year during school. Each year brings new moments and new adventures. She says as she’s getting ready for back-to-school this year she’s excited to see what memories they are about to make.

Special thanks to Carla Barrientos for sharing her expertise with KCFM in this month’s, “Hello, Happy (Intentional) Mama,” written by Callie Collins on page 12. Perfectly timed for this back-to-school issue, Carla has experience both inside and outside the classroom as a special education teacher and a mama to two young children.  She currently works as a program specialist through the office of Kern County Superintendent of Schools (KCSOS) and started her own business, Practical Parenting, which helps parents through challenging behavior.

This month if you’re in the “back-to-school” or “leave-for-school” season of your life, they all signal a time of change with new routines and new expectations. Make sure to take the time to slow down, have a meal together, and revel in the changes that are inevitable in life. And, always remember each year’s new adventures bring new memories.

Have a great first day of class!


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